New ad for the Google Pixel 2 shows what the phone can do for you

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"What is that?" asks the little girl who opens the latest commercial for the Google Pixel 2. The voice over announcer tells her that it's the Google Pixel 2, and this phone can do a lot of different things. It can tell you what the code is on your bicycle lock if you can't remember it, or whether or not (or should that be weather or not?) you will need a umbrella when you go out. And if you do forget to take an umbrella and it starts raining, don't panic. The IP67 certification rating allows you to submerge the device in up to 3.3 feet of water for as long as 30-minutes, without damaging the handset.

Say "Take a selfie," and the Pixel 2 will snap a self portrait automatically. With OIS, videos taken while leaning out the window of a car traveling on a bumpy road look like they were shot using a tripod. And Google Assistant can take voice commands, even allowing you to control your smart appliances inside the house. Of course, the virtual personal assistant can make hand-free calls and even order you a sandwich.

Other features noted by the ad include the ability to power up your device for 7-hours of use after plugging into an outlet for only 15-minutes. And you'll never run out of storage space for your pictures. The Pixel 2 can alert you to calls coming from unknown parties. Squeezing the sides, a feature known as Active Edge will open Google Assistant. 

This is a great ad because it shows you what you can do with your Pixel 2, unlike other ads that play background music while showing you a new phone from different angles. What can you learn from those spots? You'll probably see Google's new Pixel 2 ad on television, but in case you haven't watched the boob tube much lately, just click on the video at the top of this story to see the spot right now.

source: Google

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