New Zealand ad shows you how to stop texting while driving

New Zealand ad shows you how to stop texting while driving
Why do people text and drive? It's a valid question, especially since it is very risky. That one split-second that you are looking down at your phone could distract you enough to have you slam your vehicle into the car directly in front of you. So the New Zealand Transit Authority came up with a great idea. Instead of reaching for your phone when the text notification goes off, reach out for the hand of the person in the passenger seat.

As you can imagine, that leads to some rather awkward moments, which is what this television commercial is all about. All kidding aside, this is a pretty good idea that just won't work if you're driving by yourself. If you're wondering why the position of the steering wheel seems a little odd, that is because in New Zealand you drive on the left hand side of the road.

If you are ever in New Zealand and spot the driver of a vehicle holding hands with the person in the passenger seat, you can assume that the driver has just received a notification that he/she has received an email.

source: NewZealandTransportAgency via CNET
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