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New Rumor from China: Apple iPhone 5S and cheaper version to both ship this August

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New Rumor from China: Apple iPhone 5S and cheaper version to both ship this August
On Thursday, we told you about a rumor out of Japan about the Apple iPhone 5S. According to this story, the device would be equipped with a 4.5 inch display and would sport a polycarbonate body. On back, a dual LED flash would allow users to snap better quality pictures under low-light conditions. Priced at $330, the phone was supposedly going to be launched sometime in 2014.   
Apple would love to reach the 700 million potential Apple iPhone buyers on China Mobile
That rumor lasted less than 24 hours. New speculation out of China, citing information from Barclay's Capital, suggests that the Apple iPhone 5S and a cheaper version of the iPhone will both be launched this August. The low priced model is expected to be built by both Foxconn and Pegatron while the former will be the exclusive manufacturing partner for the iPhone 5S.

The Apple iPhone 5S is said to be a world phone with possibly a Qualcomm chip inside that supports all LTE bands including China Mobile's proprietary pipeline. In the past, Apple did not offer a model of its smartphone for the world's largest carrier because of compatibility issues. But if this speculation is legitimate, Apple will finally be able to gain access to a huge number of potential iPhone buyers that numbers around 700 million people.

Friday's report says that the cheaper version of the Apple iPhone will not be a world phone and will not support China Mobile's Time Division form of LTE.

source: EMSOne (translated) via AppleInsider

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