New Google Photos video shows how the app saves the day when you run out of storage space

New Google Photos video shows how the app saves the day when you run out of storage space
Nothing's worse* than trying to take a cool photo or video on your smartphone and finding out that you can't because you've run out of storage space. Google knows that this is an issue for many users out there, and that's why it's been offering (for quite some time now) free unlimited storage space via its Google Photos app.

Besides providing unlimited storage space, the Google Photos app comes with a Free Up Space feature: photos and videos that are already backed up in the cloud can be removed from your device with a simple tap. Obviously, you'll still be able to access and download these at any time as long as your device is connected to the internet (either via Wi-Fi, or a cellular network). When Google Photos notices that there isn't much free space left on your phone or tablet, it can automatically ask you if you want to recover storage space, but you can also trigger the feature manually from the app's Settings menu.

To showcase just how great Google Photos can be, Google recently released a quick video full of ruined photos (more exactly, they've been ruined by the lack of available space). If you use Google Photos, though, you never have to worry about that, as the video - embedded below - concludes.

More than 200 million users already have Google Photos installed on their devices, so the app is one of the most popular of its kind out there, but there's definitely more room to grow. As you probably know, Google Photos isn't exclusive to Android: it's also available on iOS, offering iPhone and iPad users pretty much the same benefits that Android folks are getting.

* - well, OK, there are plenty of worse things in this world.

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