Google Photos celebrates first anniversary with 200 million users

Google Photos celebrates first anniversary with 200 million users
It has been a year since the Google Photos app for iOS and Android was launched, and Google has released some information about how the app has fared since Google Photos was spun-off from Google+. There are currently 200 million users of Google Photos, double the 100 million that were employing it back in October. We should point out that besides the two mobile apps, a version was also released for the desktop.

Since we are living in the "selfie generation," 24 billion photos have been labeled as being a self-portrait. Speaking of labels, 2 trillion of them have been attached to images stored with Google Photos. Google also says that from uploaded content, 1.6 billion animations, collages, and movies have been made.

In one telling bit of data, Google says that it would take 424 years to swipe through every picture stored in the cloud based service. Turning that into actual storage numbers, 13.9 petabytes of images have been stored in Google Photos. Each petabyte is equivalent to 1 million GB.

And if you are running low on storage, you can convert your uploaded pictures to the free "High quality" size by clicking on the settings link at Since those photos are stored for free, doing this should open up plenty of space for your newest images.

So there it is. Google Photos is one-year old and is thriving. Now make a wish, and blow out the candles on the cake.

source: Google via SlashGear




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I love iphones but really! You had to put an iphone using google photos, was that necessary?

2. quakan

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3. ibend

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yes its necessary... for some untold reason

5. volcano

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its available on both android and ios so you can't complain here because the real product here is google photos not iphone or android phone

4. volcano

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interesting 200 million, me on the other side i got it disabled im happy with sony album app, for backup i use onedrive

6. Settings

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I got it disabled for good, Quickpic ftw!

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