Netflix adds a profile PIN option to protect kids

Netflix adds a profile PIN option to protect kids
Kids can be a curious bunch, and as we know, curiosity not only kills cats but also leads youngsters into trouble. Now Netflix is adding another layer of protection to profiles, aiming to give parents more control over what their kids are watching. The company announced on its official blog that parents can now set a PIN to their profile to limit kids' access to inappropriate content.

Apart from setting a PIN to your profile, you can also remove specific content from the profile of your kid. Parents now can hide individual series or movie titles, so that they don't show up and tempt kids to hit the Play button. There's another useful feature that lets you sort content by PG ratings, so you can just hide everything that's 13+ from the eyes of your 8-year-old kid. The option to turn autoplay off is also present, along with the ability to review a history of everything your kid has been watching. 

"Choice and control have always been important for our members, especially parents. We hope that these additional controls will help parents make the right choices for their families," wrote Michelle Parsons, Netflix Kids Product Manager, in the blog post.

The new parental control features are already available, and you can set them up in the account settings. Of course, you might have a different approach to your kid and set the limits in a different manner, but having options is always useful.

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