Move your widgets to the notification bar just like on iOS with Snap - Widget Drawer

Move your widgets to the notification bar just like on iOS with Snap - Widget Drawer
Given Android's widget, search and launcher interface system, you barely have to go into the app drawer anymore, to the extent that most Chinese phone maker aren't even bothering with providing one, but are just placing everything on the homescreens, tucked neatly in categorized folders. 

Indeed, if you set your stock, or favorite 3rd party launcher with your most used widgets and app shortcuts on the homescreens, and arrange them neatly, there will rarely be times you'd have to go in the app drawer, instead of searching for an app that's not on your homescreen, for instance.

This is undoubtedly also due to the widget system, as you can place big actionable ones for your most used activities like a to-do list, music playback, a news feed and so on, and just scroll or interact with them directly in the widget, which most of the time does the job for quick previews without even having to enter the app. 

How about having a handy drawer that houses all your widgets, though, and being able to access it from any app? Well, that's exactly what the new Snap Widget Drawer offers, fitting your widgets in the notifications bar, and keeping your homescreen clean, like Apple's iOS solution. It doesn't support scrolling widgets yet, which might be a dealbreaker for you, but if it sounds neat to you otherwise, preview the Snap app in the video below, and grab it from the source link below.

Developer: fbarrosodevDownload: Android
Category: PersonalizationPrice: Free


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