Motorola's Honeycomb tablet CES teaser features the new red logo

Motorola's Honeycomb tablet teaser features the new red logo
Clay tablets, Motorola, really? The company is obviously alluding, in its CES 2011 teaser, how ancient the current high-end tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab will look like, compared to its own svelte and powerful creation.

Motorola has uploaded a CES 2011 teaser for its Android Honeycomb tablet, pointing out that the iPad is a big iPhone, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab runs Android made for a phone. Nothing wrong with capitalizing on the fact that Moto's slate will probably be the first with Google's tablet-focused Android Honeycomb UI. A direct take on the main competitors is very American and patriotic, we must say, in the spirit of Coke and Pepsi.

It all ends with a busy bee landing on the company's new crimson red logo, stamped on the tablet's pedestal, which suspiciously resembles the Monolith from Arthur Clarke's "2001: A Space Odyssey. It's not something to show in your ancient history class, but is fun to watch nonetheless.

The CES 2011 starts January 6th - considering that Verizon might announce some LTE handsets then, and Microsoft will showcase its Windows tablets onslaught, all indications point to a flying start for the mobile industry next year.

source: Motorola via Engadget

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