Motorola to Samsung: We love your new Galaxy ad, but here's a better ending to it

A few weeks back, Samsung released a video ad showing a lifelong iPhone user switching to a Galaxy Note 8, ultimately suggesting that everyone should "upgrade to Galaxy." Today, Motorola published its own take on that ad. More exactly, a different ending to it.


Motorola took to Facebook to say this to Samsung: "We loved your ad, but we think you forgot the ending." As you can see below, in Moto's vision, the ex-iPhone user - who just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - comes home to his girlfriend/wife, and shows her a recording of them on the new phone's edge-to-edge display. But she's not particularly impressed, pulling out a Moto Z2 Play with an InstaShare Projector Moto Mod, then sharing the same cute recording on the wall.  


At the end of its new ad, Motorola seems to be saying that a Moto Z with Moto Mods is an "up-upgrade" to Samsung's latest handset. Whether that's true or not, it probably depends on what a user needs from a new smartphone. Right?  


source: Motorola (Facebook)


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