Motorola names Rick Osterloh its new leader... at least until Lenovo takes over

Motorola names Rick Osterloh its new leader... at least until Lenovo takes over
Motorola is in a bit of limbo right now, but the company is trying to keep going as though it is business as usual. Back in January, Google agreed to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, but of course the deal won't be finalized until all of the various regulatory boards give their approval. But, in the interim, Motorola has chosen Rick Osterloh to be its new leader.

Osterloh has been chosen to be the new president and COO of the company. The now ex-COO Jonathan Rosenberg has said that Osterloh was a big part of the reinvention of Motorola that has happened over the past couple years since Google purchased the company. Rosenberg went on to say:

Rosenberg will be staying on as an adviser, and as a liaison between Motorola and Google. Obviously, it is unclear what will be happening with Motorola's management once the Lenovo deal goes through, so this may be a relatively temporary position for Osterloh. This is the second big change in a month for the company after former CEO Dennis Woodside left for Dropbox in March.

source: Motorola via The Verge



4. likemorethan1

Posts: 48; Member since: Aug 22, 2013

Release the new Moto X now before you become a part of Lenovo !!!

3. grahaman27

Posts: 364; Member since: Apr 05, 2013

Many current Motorola employees strongly approve of this decision, so I am very happy for Motorola. PA, please stop with the trolling headlines.

5. Blazers

Posts: 792; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

How is what they wrote a "trolling headline"? He does have the job "for now", because most likely things will change when Lenovo takes over. Stop being so sensitive. Unless you're a shareholder getting a good payday from the sale, what does it matter to you?

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