Motorola decides to roll out Android Wear 2.0 for Moto 360 Sport

Motorola has just announced that one of its smartwatches, the Moto 360 Sport will finally receive the long-awaited Android Wear 2.0 update. After updating the second-generation Moto 360 back in May, Motorola backtrack on its plans to leave the Moto 360 Sport without the update.

Unfortunately, the Moto 360 Sport did not sell well at all, which forced Motorola to pull the smartwatch from Google Play Store. That's the main reason Android Wear 2.0 was delayed until now, and probably why Motorola was considering not offering the update at all.

Today, the US-based company announced it will roll out the Android Wear 2.0 update for the Moto 360 Sport. Along with the update, new features and improvements will be added, as well as many bug fixes.

Some of the new features the Moto 360 Sport owners will be able to use after the update, include Doze mode, Google Assistant (English and Germany only), as well as side button functions (press and quickly release to access apps, press and hold to launch Google Assistant).

According to Motorola, the update will be pushed in waves to Moto 360 Sport users over the next few days, so watch out for a notification on your smartwatch that will tell you when it's available (software version NXH20Z).



1. trojan_horse

Posts: 5868; Member since: May 06, 2016

Better late than never.

2. sgodsell

Posts: 7674; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

So true. I don't understand why they didn't update at the same time as the regular Moto 360 V2 smart watches. Especially when it has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, same ram, storage, and sensors, except the sport has GPS. The display is different on the Moto 360 sport, and it's missing a speaker which is on the regular Moto 360 V2. I can understand the original Moto 360 not being updated, especially since it's SoC was the 2010 Texas Instruments Cortex A9 single core SoC. But this has a quad core SD 400 SoC.


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

They were hoping to get you to pay for the newer device to help sales.

4. sgodsell

Posts: 7674; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

You are such a troll Quikstrike. Well at least it is getting Android Wear 2.0. which is Android 7.1.1.


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

Troll my ass lil bwoy....find anything that I have said not true or fanboyism in this forum. Arses like you that hate to hear truth about your fanboyism products always like calling other people trolls. You are the one Trolling Mr. big mouth. I own the Nexus 6 from Moto where the battery died 2 months ago...they claim not to have parts to fix it but offered for me to buy a New phone. My phone is mint looking and performing like new. I also owned their Photon that did not sell well and 2-3 months after poor sales they declared that they would not implement the next android update..For a 600.00 phone 2 months old they offered 50.00 towards their next best phone when it launched. Not too long ago they did the same with another phone....I speak the truth when sales are slow or to promote new sales in their product line they fail to support certain products hoping you are loyal enough to buy the next iteration. go somewhere and blow yourself you big chief four winds and feel better ok.


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

BTW love or hate Apple they always send updates to 2 year old and 3 year old products. They support their products in the door and out the door after sales. Not being able to sell me a battery or repair the phone or not implementing newer soft ware update seems to plague Motorola from time to time. That Photon was 2 months old when they issued a non support for the next Android software update. Any manufacturer selling a product should remember that it's customer support after the sales that keep people coming back whether it is software or hardware.

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