Motorola TRIUMPH Hands-on

Motorola TRIUMPH Hands-on
Even up until now, we still rarely find that many high-end prepaid Android powered smartphones in the market – especially out of Motorola’s camp. In fact, the only one that truly stands out is the rugged, yet extremely outdated Motorola i1. We all know that Sprint is going to be graced with Motorola PHOTON 4G this summer, but for those Virgin Mobile customers, they still have something to look forward to with the Motorola TRIUMPH when it launches at around the same time period as well.

Strangely, our first impression about the TRIUMPH is that it has a stark resemblance to the original Motorola DROID – sans the physical keyboard, but packing a much larger display. As you can tell from the shots, it has a different design approach to the Photon 4G and similarly retains that straight angular slope towards the bottom portion of the handset that we see on the DROID. Clad in a black soft touch matte exterior, it’s undoubtedly clean looking for the most part, but you can’t stray from the fact that it appears rather boxy in form. Nonetheless, it generally feels solid for a prepaid phone – and it’s definitely a nice start with Virgin Mobile.

Even though it might not be perceived to be a high-end competitor in the greater scheme of things, especially compared to some of the dual-core packing devices out there, the Motorola TRIUMPH is nonetheless admirable with its contemporary hardware. Specifically, it features a 4.1” WVGA display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, front-facing camera, and is powered by what looks like a stock Android 2.2 Froyo experience. Virgin Mobile sprinkles the handset with their love in the form of the Virgin Mobile Live 2.0 app, which is basically a social networking focused streaming service.

At this point, Virgin Mobile customers should very well be excited since the Motorola TRIUMPH is shaping up to be one snazzy looker when it’s released. However, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of pricing we'll see with it. Sure it’s a top-notch smartphone on paper, but we’re curious to see how much people are willing to spend in order to experience it.




Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

This looks like a great phone. Finally something worth buying from a prepaid carrier. This is for people who don't want to get into a 2 year contract and pay over 100 dollars a month and now you don't have to settle for a crappy phone. Very impressed by Motorola and THANK YOU FOR NOT PUTTING BLUR ON IT.

2. smalltank

Posts: 19; Member since: May 26, 2011

crappy phone..maybe not..crappy service..most likely..I had VM some years ago..couldnt call in ralphs supermarket..had to leave the come back to end call.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

I completely agree with you on that. I remember about 2 years ago I had Verizon orginally. The network worked fine when I was in the city or at work. However at my home, I was constantly going back and forth with Verizon and Extended Network. On Verizon, it wouldn't work, on Extended, it would. I was constantly missing calls and getting text messages an hour or two later. I could drive not even a mile from my house and get on actual verizon coverage. However a year ago after the Droid originally came out, that all changed. I had full 4 bars of 3G network at my home and never had problems since. I know it's probably not the case with VM but it is still possible.

3. josh unregistered

Even if this phone costs $400 you'd still save bout a thousand dollars a year compared to other carriers. And I never had bad service with vm. As long as you stay in urban/surburban areas you should be good and most people do.


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Yea I am going to see what kind of coverage I get with them to see if it is a possibility. I have a DROID X right now, but the idea of not being in a contract and saving money each month sounds really great.

16. trippin unregistered

I switched to Virgin at the end of last year and I love it. I was with MetroPCS which is notorious for dead areas, so it was still an upgrade, but Sprint service is great in my area. Although there is no roaming the only time I was without signal was when I went to northern Pennsylvania, and the only carrier that covered that little town was Verizon (I checked all the coverage maps before I left :P ). I live in Southwest Florida, and had signal all the way up to Ohio, all in Dayton area, and on the highway to southern NY, it was only once I entered northern PA that signal dropped.

7. NEZO unregistered

it looks very similar to the huawei ideos x6 or for the US customers the huawei ascend X. specs are pretty much the same except this has a front facing camera.

8. Lawrence unregistered

I was thinking the same, so similar it must be made by Huawei. Pity the PhoneArena "expert" didn't notice this ;-)

9. sundernt

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 10, 2011

@ Lawrence is write n-sale-in-india-for-inr-14k/

10. Lawrence unregistered

Triumph just uses a CDMA chipset instead of GSM: &idPhone2=3595

11. chevy unregistered

This looks from a stone age .. an old school model..big flat and ugly...

12. kaylus

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 11, 2011

Perhaps they wanted less angles so they wouldn't be sued by Apple like Samsung was? Or perhaps not everyone has the same taste, I like the way it looks just like I enjoyed the way my Droid X looked.

13. xenover

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I honestly like itdon't know why but it looks awesome :POh and of course, NO MOTOBLUR :D

14. mriverdance unregistered

I haven't heard any comment on the amount of Memory? Can you add a micro SC card to it, if so how large?

15. willie_nc unregistered

It can take up to 32 gb external sd card. But what is its internal memory? Or better yet, what is the internal memory available to the user for storing apps? Some websites or folks have stated "2gb built-in storage" but thats not what the Motorola spokesman told Mobileburn in their hands-on look video on Youtube. He stated LESS THAN 512mb! Thats the same as the LG Optimus V, whose internal memory is "512mb" but only 178mb is available to the user to store apps. I've only downloaded a few dozen apps and moved all I could move to the sd card but am still out of memory to download anymore apps. What good are these pre-paid android phones if they don't give us enough accessable internal memory for apps? The LG Optimus G2x on T-mobile has an 8gb internal memory with 5gb available to the user for apps. Now thats what I call an android phone worth the money.

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