Motorola Moto X poses for yet another press shot, this time in white

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Motorola Moto X poses for yet another press shot, this time in white
Early Saturday, we showed you a leaked press render of the Motorola Moto X in black. Later in the day, a picture of the phone's side profile was outed thanks to another tweet from evleaks. As the calendar flipped over to Sunday, yet another tweet from the serial leaker revealed another press render of the customizable handset, this time done up in white.

If the white covered Motorola Moto X looks familiar, it is the color of the Moto X used by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Allen & Co. Media and Tech conference. If you're the chairman of the company that owns Motorola, getting a Moto X in advance of the launch isn't a difficult problem.

If it feels as though we've been talking about this phone for quite awhile, that is because we have. Back in January, we passed along to you a job listing posted by Motorola, seeking a product manager for the "X-phone," and even back then the word was that this handset would let the world know who Motorola's daddy is. The first mention of the phone was just a few days earlier, and back then, it was speculated that the phone would be a high-end model running Key Lime Pie. The handset has gone through quite a few changes since then.

All these months later and we are rapidly approaching the introduction of the model. For your viewing pleasure, look below for the Motorola Moto X done up right in white.

source: @evleaks via Engadget


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