Motorola DEVOUR now available at Best Buy, bathtub is extra

Motorola DEVOUR now available at Best Buy, bathtub is extra
The Motorola DEVOUR is now available at Best Buy. With a 2 year Verizon contract, the aluminum clad Android phone is $99.99.  Off contract, you'll be reaching deep for the $499.99 that the big box retailer is asking. For Big Red, this is the first MOTOBLUR device that they have offered, and it is expected to be available from the carrier starting on March 15th. But if you have got to have the handset today and become the envy of all of your friends, well, Best Buy would be happy to oblige. The DEVOUR's display is packed with 3.1 inches of updates from your social networking sites, is powered by Android 1.6 and has a Qualcomm 600MHz MSM7627 processor-the same one featured in the Palm Pixi. So far, the reaction from those who have had hands-on experience with the phone say that it is quite zippy. And no, the DEVOUR is not waterproof so if you are planning on copying Meagan Fox, better keep the water off until you're done with the phone.

Motorola DEVOUR Specifications

source: BestBuy


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