Motorola Brazil sends out invites to Hello Moto event taking place June 21st; new phone is coming

With a number of Moto handsets still expected but unannounced, Motorola Brazil has sent out invitations to its Hello Moto event to take place on June 21st. During the event, a new phone will be introduced. One such device came to our attention the other day. An unannounced Moto model was certified by the FCC carrying a 5.5-inch display, and is powered by the Snapdragon 430 chipset. FCC documentation reveals that a 3000mAh battery is on board. Will that be the phone unveiled on June 21st?

One model that we are waiting to see unveiled is the Moto E4 Plus. This phone will feature a 5000mAh battery, a record for the manufacturer. However, this unit is not supposed to be unveiled until next month. Other possibilities for this event include the Moto Z2 Force and the Moto X4  to name a pair.

The event is taking place in Brazil, which is where the Moto Z2 Play was unveiled last week. In that country, Motorola has a smartphone market share reaching as high as 30%, which makes it the perfect place to introduce the next Moto handset. Circle the date on your calendar and don't forget to check in often for the latest news and rumors about this event.




1. kiko007

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Off topic but: Did anyone see the game tonight? The refs went full retard in the first quarter, and remained that way most of the game. I was embarrassed for the league seeing that s**t. What's even worst is the Cavs actually played f**kING INCREDIBLE and at no point until the final two minutes did I think the Dubs were out of it. Cleveland shot 24-45 from 3pt line, had 22 first quarter free throws, Steph and Klay both played garbage... and the Cavs STILL only won by 21. How crazy is that? Game 5 Monday is gonna be lit as a Dubs fan.

2. Zylam

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Yea Bangladesh played really well against New Zealand, they looked like they were in merky waters after the top order collapsed but held strong and made an insane come back. Today's match is gonna be insane, England are in fine form.

3. peace247 unregistered

Lol...why are u talking about cricket..

4. aman5mathur

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And tomorrow india takes on south africa. Cant hold myself on this chair anymore!

5. uzimafioso

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The Bengalis would have their fingers crossed for England to win. As for RSA vs IND, RSA seems to be the favorites.

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