More HTC Merge images and video leak, Verizon's world phone gets benchmarked

More HTC Merge images and video leak, Verizon's world phone gets benchmarked
Quite an extensive overview of the keyboard design and other info for the upcoming HTC Merge (Lexikon) on Verizon has surfaced. It is also including some benchmarks to show how it stacks up with its 800MHz chipset, and Android 2.2, under the HTC Sense UI.

The HTC Merge (or Lexikon) will be named something totally different, according to the source, and system info app shows it running atop an 800MHz chipset. It is probably the same new Snapdragon found in the T-Mobile G2, considering both are made by HTC, which has traditionally strong ties with Qualcomm. That chipset earns it a benchmark number of 1497, faster than a Nexus One running Froyo, which can be expected with the new Adreno 205 GPU, and the 45nm manufacturing process for the chipset.

The screen appears to be LCD, but the notable features of the phone are the physical slide-out keyboard, and the fact that it has a SIM card slot, so it can be used on GSM networks overseas, besides on Verizon at home. The keyboard is said to be with top-notch design, chiclet, and with generous amount of key travel, as we've come to expect from HTC. Unfortunately, since it is not part of the DROID line, the phone comes with Bing as the default search engine, but there will be many ways around it.

The world phone has a 5MP camera with LED flash that does HD video recording. Memorywise HTC has got you covered too - the system info showed 363MB RAM/1.3GB ROM. The world phone capabilities coincide with what was seen in the documentation after a mysterious HTC slider appeared at the FCC testing grounds, sporting a 4" screen, so the source is probably a bit off-kilter in that respect, citing 3.7". Otherwise, the device is a looker, and didn't feel thicker than a Motorola DROID 2, for instance.

What do you think, Verizon globetrotters, is this the world device you have been waiting for to soothe your travels?

HTC Merge Preliminary Specifications

source: AndroidCentral

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