Moneto virtual wallet now available for use on 6 Samsung Galaxy S devices

Moneto virtual wallet now available for use on 6 Samsung Galaxy S devices
You want to make mobile payments at the register using your handset, but your Samsung Galaxy Device doesn't support NFC. That's okay, because moneto is now offering its NFC payments system to 6 Samsung Galaxy S Devices. Now, you might be shaking your head and saying to yourself that we just wrote that the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones don't support NFC, which is required for the moneto system. Yes we did, but hold on for a second. Moneto gives users a microSD card that allows a handset to work with the system even without NFC support on the phone. All of the NFC technology necessary is embedded in the microSD card.

The only difference between moneto and Google Wallet is that instead of linking to a credit card like the latter does, your mobile charge is deducted from a pre-paid card that you have to "fill" with cash. The 6 Samsung Galaxy S phones that now accept moneto are the Samsung Galaxy S (GSM unlocked model), Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Mesmerize, Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Samsung Epic 4. The moneto platform has already been available for the Apple iPhone 3, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 4S.

The moneto mobile wallet kit is available from the sourcelink for $29.95, which includes a $10 pre-paid card. Included on the microSD card is 1GB of storage for photos, videos and music so you don't have to take the card out when you want to store something you want to keep. Also included is a patented NFC antenna sticker applicator, a pre-paid card with magnetic stripe, which can be used at ATM's across the nation. The moneto app, available in the Android Market, allows you to refill your pre-paid card, and a locator feature that allows you to find places by zip code or current location, that accept moneto mobile payments.

Uh, oh, we can detect your inner voice talking again. Yes, we know that the iPhone does not have a microSD slot. For those devices, moneto sells you a case for $80 which includes all of the NFC technology necessary, and includes $10 for your pre-paid card.

If you don't have an iOS powered handset, or a Samsung Galaxy S model, don't fret. Moneto is working on expanding the service to more smartphone models.

source: moneto via SlashGear


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