Molome arrives on the WP store, lets you share funny customized photos

Molome arrives on the WP store, lets you share funny customized photos
Molome is a cross-platform, photo-sharing social network which was initially released on Nokia Store several years ago. Unlike similar apps and services, Molome emphasizes on photos, which are customized in a funny way by their authors. Molome has been available on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices for some time now, but fans of Microsoft's mobile platform should no longer feel left out of the equation, as Molome has just found its way to the WP Store and is now available for all Windows Phone 8 devices.

So what's the deal with the Molome mobile app? Just like a plethora of similar apps, it allows users to capture and share a photo online. In addition, the pictures taken with Molome can be garnished and customized with different funny stickers, frames, adjustable filters, and more. What's more, Molome comes with Meme Generator on board. It enables you to "share your humor" by creating and publishing a meme online. Another feature, called Feeling Generator, allows you to "express your feelings".

The so called "badges" are another interesting feature of Molome. Each time a user uploads and shares an edited photo, they are awarded one badge. These badges can be used to unlock different versions of Molo the Owl, a virtual assistant which will help users get familiar with the different aspects and features of the photo-editing app.

Photos that are taken and customized with the aid of Molome can be shared across a lot of social networks, most notably Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Imgur, and Tumblr. The images can be uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox, too.

You can download and use Molome completely free of charge.

Download: Molome (iOS | Android | Windows Phone)

source: NokiaNews via WMPoweruser



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