shares tales of departed handsets in the U.K. - PhoneArena shares tales of departed handsets in the U.K. shares tales of departed handsets in the U.K. is a website that tells the history behind the "deaths" of a multitude of smartphones in the U.K. For example, one post reads, "Here lies a iPhone 3G which lost its life being dropped into a bowl of milk after the user consumed all his Lucky Charms. Safe to say its luck ran out." The site was put together by a U.K. based company involved with mobile insurance.

The reason for putting up the site is to show smartphone owners what dangers to be on the lookout for to prevent their phone from ending up in the mobile graveyard. You wouldn't want your device to suffer the same fate as the Samsung Galaxy S II that went over a ship's railing during a Caribbean cruise. You also wouldn't want your phone to take a dip into a cup of coffee like the BlackBerry Bold 9790 that was destroyed after a swim in the caffeinated liquid. By putting up the site, it is possible that a few people learn to take extra precautions with their phones so as not to duplicate some of the listings.

To check out the website, click on the sourcelink. On top is a running total of the estimated value of replacing uninsured phones in the U.K alone during 2013. That number is up to 1.86 billion GBP ($2.8 billion USD). There is a way for those in the U.K. to add the death of a beloved smartphone to the map. The site also shows a number of tweets from people whose phone died or went lost or stolen. Let's hope that we never see the untimely demise of your phone posted on the site.

source: MobileGraveyard via Telegraph, IntoMobile
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