Microsoft will replace your out of warranty Surface Pro 4 if the screen flickers

Microsoft will replace your out of warranty Surface Pro 4 if the screen flickers
Back in February, we told you that some Surface Pro 4 owners were putting their device on ice, literally. These consumers were having issues with a flickering screen and discovered that putting the tablet in the freezer allowed them to enjoy some flicker-free time with it. For example, one Surface Pro 4 user said that for every 10 minutes his tablet spent among the frozen peas and carrots, it would run for 30 minutes without an issue.

But now some Surface Pro 4 users can take their tablet out of the freezer forever. That is because Microsoft has finally come to the conclusion that some units are just not repairable. So if your Surface Pro 4 is out of warranty (but it is no longer than three years from the date of purchase) and the screen is flickering, the software giant will replace it. And if you spent out of pocket to fix this problem after the expiration of the warranty, Microsoft will reimburse you.

As many of you know by now, Microsoft released an updated Surface Pro last year, but don't expect to receive one of these newer models when you send your flickering tablet back to Microsoft. Instead, the company will ship you a refurbished Surface Pro 4 as a replacement. You will receive it within 5-8 business days from the date you ship the defective model to the company. To exchange your Surface Pro 4, call Microsoft Support at (800) 642 7676 in the U.S. If you live in another country, find your local Microsoft Support number by clicking on this link.

source: MicrosoftSupport
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