Microsoft to detail Windows Phone 10 on January 21st, the revolution will be televised

Microsoft might be shooting itself in the foot by putting its mobile push on the backburner until the Windows 10 overhaul lands, trying to digest the Lumia brand in the meantime, but we won't know for sure until we hear what Win 10 actually has in store for us.

Well, that day isn't far behind, it seems, as Microsoft will be revealing its future plans about life, universe and Lumia phones in about two week's time, if a Tom Warren tweet is to be trusted, as they usually are.

Microsoft sent out invitations for a Windows 10 event on January 21st, which will be held in Redmond, but livestreamed for the world to see. The CEO Satya Nadella, as well as the head of the Windows team Terry Myerson, alongside Xbox chief Phil Spencer will be taking stage, indicating that this will be the true Windows 10 reveal, rather than the quick hint Microsoft gave us in September. 

What's more telling, though, is that Joe Belfiore, who is in charge of the phone, tablet, and PC integration of those, will be in attendance as well. Well, that all but confirms that after a long hiatus, we will be talking about Windows phones again, and with the awesome Core M-based machines that were just revealed at CES, we can't wait to see how Microsoft folds it all in this year, after all but skipping the last one in terms of its mobile future.

source: WMPU


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