Microsoft says Mango to be released as Windows Phone 7.5, subsequently denies it

Microsoft says Mango to be released as Windows Phone 7.5, subsequently denies it
A mountain of evidence points to the fact that the next major update for Microsoft's mobile OS, also known as Mango, is to be billed as Windows Phone 7.5.

That's despite the fact this info is not official at all - although the Redmond-based giant is yet to deny it unequivocally, the official Microsoft line dictates that this update is known as Mango and Mango only.

The speculation originates from a slide showed during MIX 2011 that presented Mango as Windows Phone 7.5, and the fact the Microsoft Partner Network site briefly offered us the chance to "Preview the New Windows Phone 7.5", i.e. Mango.

Both slips were subsequently said to be mistakes, not to mention that a quick check at the Microsoft Partner Network page shows that the phrase "Preview the New Windows Phone 7.5" was neatly edited to say "Preview the Next Version of Windows Phone".

There are some speculations that the current build of Mango is WP 7.1, while the update is expected to arrive in late 2011 or early 2012. Rumor has it that Mango will pave the way for the first Nokia handsets powered by Windows Phone.

source: WPCentral



1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

I hope it comes soon! The sooner the better. I'm impatient. And I just got this phone.

2. wirecup unregistered

Is confusion rampart within MS? They have not corrected issues within WP7 (abandoned after NOGO?), and Mango appears to be a new product with different hardware requirements.

3. tragichero

Posts: 163; Member since: Jan 07, 2011

lol windows phones blow.... i knew windows mobile 7 would be bogus. i only clicked this link to see how many people comment and love their windows phones and laugh at them but nope.... nobody has windows phones

5. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

ur an ass... u realize wp7 has made more gains than android or iphone relative to time... thats because it is a beautiful os and it appeals to the non-iphone-android-to-nerdy crowd...

4. JohnDoe unregistered

When the "Sprint HTC Arrive with Window Phone 7" was released, I dump the overly hype "Sprintn HTC EVO™ 4G with Android" that came with thousands and thousands of USELESS APPS (and most of them were duplicates of the USELESS APPS). Since this phone (HTC Arrive) came with everything I need. I have only install 1 more apps HTC Flashlight into the phone. Window operating system is great. I never had a problem. The application are great. It has all I truely need. The apps store has real useful and practical application that I can add if I choose to.

6. jtech unregistered

WP7 is a really good os. I had the HD7 and I have to say its better then my current G2. I only made the switch back to android because I couldn't get the update because I have no computer with internet. The only things I didn't like was that there is no app to download music, you must have the zune program to access your phone, no expandable memory, and no muti-tasking. The phone really does stand a good and if not, a better chance to be up there with android or taking number 1. The os has a lot going for it but really needs to be put out there like how verizon did with the android os. Overall if you have internet connection at home wp7 is a really awesome phone, but if you don't and use internet on your phone it sucks because there is no ota updates and miss out on fixes.

7. SLK unregistered

When will a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango be availble through Sprint... am awaiting patiently.

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