Microsoft previews some new features with its expected "mango" WP7 update

Microsoft previews some new features with its expected "mango" WP7 update
In its bid to step things up to match the level seen with the competition, Microsoft managed to show off some of the exciting new features expected out of their “Mango” Windows Phone 7 update, which is slated to become available later in the year, during today’s MIX 2011 conference held in Las Vegas.

Although some current WP7 device owners are still waiting for the arrival of the NoDo update, Microsoft is surely reeling things in towards their direction as they showed off a bevy of new features that will come along with its “Mango” update. Specifically, Microsoft’s very own Joe Belfiore stated that it’ll include things like multi-tasking, Internet Explorer 9, improved support for Office documents in SkyDrive, and improved Twitter support in its People Hub. Moreover, they even showcased some captivating applications that some users have been waiting for – such as Layar, Spotify, and Skype.

In addition, the expected update will allow developers to gain some control to certain aspects of the Windows Phone 7 platform. From the looks of it, developers will be able to utilize the handset’s camera and various sensors, like the gyroscope, so that they can be implemented into their apps.

Definitely these are items that will soundly place the new platform into the same level as some of its contemporaries, but considering the unknown time frame for its release, it can potentially look like a long spring and summer before we get acquainted with this update.

source: Windows Phone Blog via Phonescoop



6. Kjayhawk

Posts: 294; Member since: Oct 07, 2010

Really like Windows new attitude

5. windowsblows unregistered

I gave back my Windows 7 Phone for the inspire 4G more happer then ever! Android rules the air.

3. VIPUL JAIN unregistered

East or West Nokia is the best...

2. thuglife unregistered

They would give us Skype now when over half of wp7 phone don't have front facing cameras. Where's the custom ringtones at???

4. @thuglife unregistered

custom ringtones are for little kids no one wants to hear your 30 second clip of music 500 times a day keep it simple.

9. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

Are you serious? Custom ringtones is one the most basic features a phone should have in my opinion. Feature phones even do this very well. How can you say this is for little kids.

1. Seylan unregistered

Apparently, Nokia's Windows Phone 7 devices will support Video calling, "USB on the go", HDMI out, as well as the ability to read memory cards,Bluetooth file transfers, and much more....I'm really excited for Nokia, next year is going to be the Smartphone War!

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