Microsoft responds to WP YouTube block, unleashes on Google

Microsoft responds to WP YouTube block, obviously blames Google
A couple days ago, Microsoft released a new YouTube app for Windows Phone; and today, Google shut it down again. If you're thinking this all sound familiar, you are right. We seem to be stuck in a terrible loop where the same thing happens over and over. Microsoft makes a YouTube app; Google shuts it down; Google says it violates Terms of Service; and, Microsoft blames Google.

We're relatively sure that this silly dance is going to keep happening, no matter how annoying it is, or how much it angers Windows Phone users. Earlier today, Google admitted that it had blocked the new YouTube app, but didn't give much info as to why. Google said that the browser wasn't upgraded to standards, and the app still violated terms of use. 

Now, Microsoft is firing back, and not surprisingly, it is blaming Google for the whole mess:

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It seems that this time around, Microsoft is taking off the gloves. Microsoft has erred on the side of diplomacy before, but this time around, the company is blatantly calling out Google, who has yet to respond. It looks like this is the answer to our question earlier of why Microsoft would release an app that would get blocked: it wanted the excuse to unleash this response on Google. 

Nicely played, Microsoft.

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