Microsoft is preparing its ‘App Store’ for WM7?

Microsoft is preparing its ‘App Store’ for WM7?
As more than 60 million applications were downloaded for a month from App Store, it obviously is successful. Google’s Android OS will also have similar functionality in the face of Market, but it seems that Windows Mobile 7 will have one as well. Microsoft is looking for a Product Manager for its Skymarket project, to make a marketplace for WM7 applications. It is not officially announced, neither is the WM7 OS but as the starting date is listed as “ASAP”, Microsoft will try to stay close to the competition.

source: ComputerJobs via WMPowerUser



1. unregistered

wow i love microsoft

2. unregistered

well if done correctly , this could be a HUGE move on Microsoft's part to play catch up to the other OS devs who are putting out IMPROVED OS and more user friendly applications each go around. I think Microsoft has fallen behind Blackberry, Palm OS and even Apple in the designs and user friendly OS they use. Blackberry has learned to make improvements every time they launch an updated version of their OS, so has Palm to a degree ( although it is still boring, it sings to doctors and realtors for the ease of introducing added apps they need in every day life) and Apple started off with a superb OS, didnt really improve anything from the first verison drastically, but the original still was better than Windows Mobile anything that has ever come out. I hope they dont drop the ball on this, because people have already chosen Blackberry, Palm or Apple right now, and Windows MObile doesnt get much a of a thought about anymore since it is boring and repetitive.

3. unregistered

You aren't wrong pal. I'm a Microsoft fan and recently bought an Omnia. OMG, it's the worst move I have ever done. It's like taking a step back in time. I was calling my friends Iphone recently but he's had the last laugh since I got the Omnia. Everything takes an age to do and get to. It's not touch compatible at all. It's a shame that Samsung have had to include a stylus AND mouse with the Omnia. If you ask me, Microsoft need to simplify first, go back to the drawing board, involve the phone manufacturers and then completely rip off the best bits from Symbian and MAC OSs. The omnia for me is dead in the water. Gorgeous looks, fantastic performance but the OS (among other things) just kills it. Back to the shop it goes and back to Symbian I go.

4. unregistered

you got the omnia thats phone is trash get a realmans phone htc touchpro!

5. Simdes unregistered

How are they gonna call it? WinStore? Or are they just gonna totally rip off Apple? :) (Like they did 20 years ago)

6. Likeabite unregistered

Either way Microsoft will end up the winner all over again ;) WinMo has 20,000 applications already so if they offered all of it in a Marketplace it would be huge.

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