Android Market loves capitalism

Android Market loves capitalism
Oh Google, you just get it. Plans for the Android Marketplace were revealed today, and it will be free and open to any developer. Like the App Store it will be a single portal for Android add-ons, but without the mystifying application and approval process. Developers simply need to register, upload the app and write a description; users will be able to rate apps and give feedback YouTube style. The Market will be available in Beta form on the Dream and initially support only free apps, but as it moves to final there will be both paid and free content.

source: Android Developer's Blog



1. unregistered

nice... i may b missing something but what phones will support this? can n e body answer that for me?

3. unregistered

its for phones running android

2. unregistered

The only use of this is to bring WM apps to an orderly place to search and download. The app store works for iPhones cus it is THE only place to get app (unless it is jailbroken), but you can download WM apps anywhere on the internet, regardless of whether it is easily accessible.

4. unregistered

Um, can't you read? this is for ANDROID, WM has nothing to do with it.

9. E.N. unregistered

Exactly. Windows Mobile phones MAY begin to use the Android platform, but Android wasn't made for Windows Mobile.

11. unregistered

dude #15 do you even know what your speaking about? Android is an actual operating platform is not a WM Plugin of somesort like you think it is. I sometimes wonder if people even read what they say. "but Android wasn't made for Windows Mobile." huh!? lol amazing.

5. unregistered

You got to laugh at the image next to the post. As they say many a truth is told in jest. Apple is a draconian commie corporation.

6. unregistered

crack kills...

7. jstchilln

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 13, 2008

Apple IS ran like a communist country. Have you ever noticed the Cadre that support their products no matter how many flaws they have, and how they all goose step and parrot the same party line. I have never understood that Jobs has escaped the evil category that Gates has been placed in. Apple demands total domination of all products and squeezes every last red cent out of suppliers and the sweat shops they run to get the Evil Jobs more $$ to live his lavish lifestyle. OMIDGOD, that sounds like the trash they have been spreading about Bill Gates.

8. unregistered

Yeah its not fair

10. unregistered

I don't really agree with their methods, but the iphone is apple's product, and they can do whatever they want with it. They want to make as much profit as possible by seriously controlling its device. But it seems like its working out pretty well for them.

12. PHug unregistered

love the picture, it made me laugh. Probably could have used flags of Cuba, N. Korea and China on that apple as well.

13. unregistered

the only phones that will b supporting this right i believe are htc phones so far

14. unregistered

Can't stand the shape of the dream. The bottom part of it makes me feel like its a sidekick or something. It would have been perfect for a full touch screen with the 5 QWERTY keyboard. The Android OS seems pretty cool tho. I'm sure there will be tons of great apps. Hopefully it comes out soon.

15. unregistered

RE: To #12. Yeah they slander the crap out of Bill, but at least he donates a lot of his money and time to those less fortunate. Do you ever hear of Steve Jobs doing anything like this? At least not that I've heard of.

16. DoloresKnapp21 unregistered

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