Microsoft and RIM to keep legacy platforms breathing for some time

Microsoft and RIM to keep legacy platforms breathing for some time
The intentionally vague "industry sources" is responsible for the speculation that both RIM and Microsoft plan on keeping legacy platforms alive for some time, despite the upcoming introduction of BlackBerry 10 and the recent launch of Windows Phone 8 flavored handsets. Plenty is riding on BlackBerry 10, such as the entire future of RIM and the BlackBerry name, which still has some value to it. After years of falling behind iOS and Android, the Canadian based manufacturer is hoping to finally overtake the duo with its new OS which is based on the QNX software used on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Microsoft's recent launch of Windows Phone 8 was necessary as the hardware limitations on Windows Phone 7 held back the OEMs from producing a Windows Phone model that could compete with Android. Windows Phone 8 allows for multi-core processors and larger screens among other things. Both of those features are staples of Android supported smartphones which now can be found with high resolution displays as large as 5.5 inches and with quad-core processors under the hood.

According to the industry sources, BlackBerry 7.x and Windows Phone 7.x will continue to be supported to the extent that new low-end and mid-level smartphones powered by both platforms, will be launched in 2013. The sources noted how just before the release of Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 510 was launched in emerging markets like China and India. The sources noted that the phone can be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8.

With support for the legacy platforms lasting 18-24 months, both RIM and Microsoft will be going against the wishes of most consumers to buy handsets powered by the most recently launched OS builds. As we already pointed out with Windows Phone 7.x, BlackBerry 7.x also has specific hardware specifications that will limit demand for handsets powered by the older platforms to shoppers comparing prices rather than performance.

Recently, we told you about a leaked Nokia slide that shows life after Windows Phone 7.8 for older Nokia Lumia models. But that is all of the evidence we have to support the "industry sources". So for now, let's agree to call this speculation until we hear more from Redmond or Waterloo, Canada.

source: Digitimes

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