Microsoft and Cortana respond to Apple's "What's a computer?" ad

Microsoft and Cortana respond to Apple's "What's a computer?" ad
At the beginning of this month, Apple released a new commercial for the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro. The ad called the tablet a computer once the optional Smart Keyboard accessory is attached. In a clever move, Microsoft countered with an ad of its own that stars the software giant's top of the line tablet, the Surface Pro 4.

Placed side-by-side with each other, the tablets have a conversation voiced by their virtual personal assistants. That would be Siri for the iPad Pro and Cortana for the Surface Pro 4. Siri says that there is a party going on because the iPad Pro has a keyboard. The accessory turns the tablet into a computer, according to Apple's virtual voice activated assistant, just like the Surface Pro 4 with its optional Type Cover. But Cortana notes that the Surface Pro 4 runs the full version of Office, not just the app. And with the optional keyboard in place, the Surface Pro 4 has a trackpad which is lacking from the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard.

And the end of the 30-second spot, Siri comes to the realization that having a party to celebrate its keyboard is not a good idea after all. What is implied in the ad is that the Surface Pro 4 is more of a computer than the iPad Pro is. You can check out both ads by clicking on the videos below.

source: Microsoft
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