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Metered pricing is coming soon says AT&T's CEO Stephenson

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Metered pricing is coming soon says AT&T's CEO Stephenson
Here we go again. It seems every few weeks, AT&T opens its mouth and verbally chastises heavy users of its data network by promising to make them pay more for service. This time, during an investor's conference, the carrier's CEO Randall Stephenson, said that AT&T will be using metered pricing in the future. The executive didn't say when any changes would be made, but he did say that those who use the network for data the most, will pay more for the service than those who use the data networks infrequently. The CEO also said that the Apple iPhone would be a important part of AT&T's lineup for "quite some time" which seems to eliminate the possibility that the exclusivity agreement between AT&T and Apple in reference to the touchscreen handset will soon expire. Stephenson also added that his firm is working hard to sure up its 3G network and he adds that HSPA will serve its role for a few years yet. "We're not in a tremendous hurry on LTE.", he says.

source: Marketwatch via Phonescoop

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