Macro camera on iPhone 13 Pro explained: how to use it?

Macro camera on iPhone 13 Pro explained: how to use it?
Android phones can no longer claim this as an advantage over iPhones: the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can now also shoot macro photos and videos!

All of that is possible thanks to a brand new ultra-wide camera that Apple is introducing to its Pro models only. What's new with that camera is that — for the first time on iPhones — it supports auto-focus, which has enabled Apple to add a macro mode.

Unfortunately, the regular and mini iPhones have a different ultra-wide camera that does not support auto focusing, and these phones will not be able to shoot macro mode imagery.

So... how does macro mode work on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max?

In a typical for Apple manner, it's all very simple and straightforward: just approach your iPhone to an up-close object suitable for a macro photo, and the phone will automatically switch to macro mode.

Macro mode uses the ultra-wide lens, so if you want to be extra certain that you are getting the macro mode, you can also first tap on the 0.5X button to switch to the ultra-wide lens, and then point your phone towards an object. Macro mode works from just 2cm distance, a big improvement over previous iPhone that could only acquire focus for objects as close as 10cm.

How to use macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro:

1. Simply get your phone as close as possible to the object you want to photograph.
2. The iPhone will automatically transition to macro mode if you get very close (there is a very subtle transition happening to the ultra-wide camera, which is used for macro).
2. Alternatively, you can first tap the 0.5X to manually switch to the ultra-wide camera to be extra certain you will get a macro shot.
4. You can also tap on the object to focus, and don't forget that macro mode will work at distances from 2cm (0.78")

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And right below, you can find a few macro photos that we have captured on the iPhone 13 Pro:

We think the level of detail looks great and the pictures you can get with this mode can be really cool.

And here is a quick demonstration video about macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro series from Apple itself:

Video Thumbnail

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