Logbar's Ring wearable jewel could be the one to rule them all


Ring, a Kickstarter project from Japan's Logbar Inc, is the kind of wearable that looks incredible in concept, but very difficult to pull-off in reality. However, its maker insists that the technology has been researched to the fullest, and its sophisticated gesture recognition is, indeed, possible.

What are we talking about? Ring is a silver Bluetooth ring that enables gesture control, texting, payments, alerts, and other staples of mobile technology (including other wearables) with a flick of your finger. The ring is worn on your index, and after tapping its touch sensor with your thumb, you execute a specific gesture - predefined by you through an app. Then you hold your finger to end the gesture.

Ring features "precise letter recognition software", called Ring Font, for texting by drawing letters in thin air. The same works for numbers, too, which allows for making payments by "tracing" a number or a check-mark with your finger. A set of LED lights and a vibration motor provide notifications. There will be an app store for the Ring, similar to that of Pebble. Also, devices that can't run the Ring app will pair with it through a hub connection via compatible devices. They are Apple devices running iOS 7 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher devices, and Windows Phone handsets.

Ring's battery is embedded within the device and cannot be removed. A single charge through micro-USB will last for approximately 1000 gestures, and the battery will stand around 1000 charges. Since it's non-removable, you will have to get a new ring after the battery writhes away. Sadly, the device isn't waterproof.

Logbar says that Ring is production-ready and will start shipping from July 2014 in the US, Europe, Japan, and China. It reached and surpassed its Kickstarter goal in barely a week, which means the company is already free to proceed with manufacturing. Ring will cost about $185 when it hits retail. It's a beautiful wearable that can go a long way if it works as advertised.

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