Smarty Ring lets you manage your smartphone finger-style

Smarty Ring lets you manage your smartphone finger-style
The young wearable computer species welcomes a new specimen - the smart-ring! Smarty Ring will join forces with smart-watches, glasses and other wearables by virtue of being the smallest smartphone companion by far - one that you wear on your finger.

The hi-tech jewel is made from medical-grade stainless steel and its dimensions are 13mm wideness and 4mm thickness. It connects to your Android/iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and displays a clock and notification icons on a small display. It also has a beeper for alerts, and what appears to be music and volume controls. The ring is powered by a flexible 22maH battery which can be charged wirelessly. All of this fits in a water-proof body.

What powers can you wield with this ring? Quite a few, in fact. Smarty Ring offers incoming & outgoing call notifications, alerts for message and social media updates. It's able to control and track your smartphone. It can make, accept and reject calls, trigger the camera, control music and change your profile. The ring can send alerts to your phone, or beep when your handset is more than 30 meters away from you. Also in the works is a dedicated app that allows you to change Smarty Ring's profile, set the time zones and clock, adjust LED brightness and beeper volume, and assign buttons to control speed dials.

Interested? You are not alone. Smarty Ring's Indiegogo fundraiser launched last month, and so far has amassed more than four times the original goal of $40 000. The interest in a such gadgets is obviously there, which means major technological manufacturers are probably concocting their own smart-jewelry right now. But can the Smarty Ring really move from concept to reality? The team behind the project allegedly spent 8 months on technical research to finalize a feasible prototype model and confirm the possibilities of manufacturing the necessary components. In their words, they are all set to go.

Smarty Ring can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo in different configurations at special fundraiser prices (ranging from $50 to $1250) that shave significant amounts off the projected retail cost. The estimated time-frame for delivery is April 2014.

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