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Liveblog: AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2014

Posted: , by Ray S.

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Liveblog: AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2014
Hello, and welcome to our liveblog of AT&T's Developer Summit, taking place here in sunny Vegas! Stay with us as CEO Ralph de la Vega walks us through the latest happenings surrounding the carrier and, hopefully, announces a new device or two!

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12:46And the winner is... Kathy and her team with M - the app that turns nearby people into ATMs!
12:45Ralph de la Vega is on stage. Winners of the 2014 Developer Summit API challenge will be announced
12:42Pilot Angel is designed to monitor mental state of aircraft pilots in real time.
12:40Next up is Simon Signs - an app for practicing sign language. Works with Galaxy Gear smartwatch
12:37SafeNecklace is a wearable device allowing teachers to keep track of kids during field trips.
12:36It is time for more apps! Three more Hackathon finalists are on stage
12:34Jeff Bradley is now back on stage
12:31Surprise! Asus Padfone X exclusively for AT&T has been announced!
12:27Ralph is now on stage
12:17AT&T's partnering with Ericsson, iHeartRadio, VoiceBox, and more to work on AT&T Drive
12:14AT&T Drive Studio is what just might pave the way for connected cars
12:11Fancy, but would it be safe?
12:09AT&T Drive has just been announced - a platform for connected cars
12:07"We view the car as a smartphone on wheels"
12:06He's promoting the potential and opportunities that connected cars bring to developers
12:01Glenn Lurie, President of Emerging Enterprises & Partnerships at AT&T, is on stage
11:59An app that lets you interact with posters and win awards? Why not!
11:57And here's an app that directs emergency personnel or volunteers to a person in need of help who is inside a building
11:54This app turns "people around you into ATMs". Basically, it lets you borrow money from people around you
11:52Three of the finalists from AT&T's hackathon are on stage
11:48AT&T is handling the data for this smart smoke detector
11:48Wow, this gizmo will actually call you if it detects a fire
11:46This smoke detector by birdi can also rate air quality! Neat!
11:44Andy Geisse with AT&T is on stage introducing the carrier's machine-to-machine communications platform
11:32A new service - AT&T Sponsored Date has just been announced.
11:31John Donovan of AT&T is on stage to let us know how things are going with AT&T's network.
11:28We just got a nice demo of the text to speech API, which has gotten a bit of an update recently, making it sound more realistic.
11:19They are now rolling a video to demo some of the great (and not so great) ideas that have come to fruition thanks to the Hackaton.
11:18By the looks of it, AT&T's hackaton is getting quite popular with developers, so much that they had to host it in a bigger place this year.
11:16CMO David Christopher is now with us to talk about APIs and AT&T apps.
11:12The CEO is now shifting the focus to the 'connected car' - an area where he believes AT&T is well ahead of any other carrier out there.
11:10We would take those words with just a bit of doubt, if we were you.
11:10Ralph is taking his time to talk up AT&T's newest plans, such as AT&T Next, saying that those bring great value to its customers.
11:07Oooh, it looks like there will be some talk around wearables. Nice!
11:07Here's the agenda of who'll be speaking during the conference.
11:05President and CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega is on stage!
11:01Hey guys, AT&T's Developer Summit is about to kick off, so stay with us to see what the carrier is up to these days!

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posted on 06 Jan 2014, 11:52

1. Yaldabaoth (Posts: 42; Member since: 06 Jun 2012)

"AT&T Sponsored Date" as a "service" could be... misconstrued....

Bonus: John Legere smugly trots out Jaime Lee Curtis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carly Foulkes, and Shakira.

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