Library of Congress offers a new DJ app for music enthusiasts

Library of Congress offers a new DJ app for music enthusiasts
In the current ongoing situation with the pandemic, a lot of companies are offering interesting ways to make our time at home a better experience. Now, Engadget reports that the Library of Congress is announcing a DJ app that will allow you to create music using the Library’s extensive collection of movies, television, video and sound recordings.

The app, called Citizen DJ, is created by Brian Foo, an "innovator in residence", and his focus is to try to revive the ‘80s and ‘90s golden age of hip-hop sampling. At the moment, this form of hip hop music is almost non-existent because of lawsuits and copyright infringements that resulted from taking samples from older recordings.

However, the US Library of Congress has a wide array of royalty-free samples that the Citizen DJ app can use and remix them into catchy beats. The app uses a web interface for the mixing of the samples you have chosen. Additionally, you have access to drum instruments. It’s important to note that this project is still in its test site phase and it may have more available sounds in the future. Additionally, the Library is going to monitor the feedback from users in order to improve the artistic experience.

The creator of the app stated that the more simple way to discover and access public domain audio and video material can be beneficial for artists and offer them better options to maximize their creativity and connect listeners to cultural and sound history.

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