Let's have some fun: here are 10 very entertaining apps for iPhone and Android

Our smartphones are not just communication devices — they can also act as cameras, multimedia machines, flashlights, rulers, and even portable gaming devices. The combination of having PC-class hardware in a small box gives app developers the freedom to create amazing software to aid our lives when productivity is needed, or to put a smile on our faces when boredom and humdrum routine have taken over.

And, games aside, there are plenty of entertaining apps out there to help — we've got our social media for so me light-hearted gossip or interest trends, the ever-popular YouTube, the filter-filled Snapchat, and picture-ridden 9GAG. But there are plenty more good apps to provide light-hearted entertainment for you and your friends that you may have missed. From utilizing the phone's camera to achieve something cool, to sketching apps, meme creators, and some other crazy stuff, here are 10 entertaining apps for Android and iOS:

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