Let the VR battles begin – ZEISS launches its own VR One goggles

ZEISS will be entering the VR frey with its own offering – the ZEISS VR One. Instead of employing a built-in screen, like the Oculus Rift, this VR headset will require users to insert their own smartphone, in order to power the goggles.

Yes, this sounds a lot like Samsung's Gear VR, however, Sammy's offering only works with the Galaxy Note 4, whereas the ZEISS VR One will work with a variety of phones, with displays ranging from 4.7" to 5.2". The catch is that to fit your handset into the device, you would need the proper tray, and ZEISS currently only offers trays for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, with more variants to be made soon.

The VR One is up for pre-order now, and ZEISS promises that the first units will be shipped before this Christmas. The price is $99.90 and includes 1 phone tray. Any additional tray costs $9.90.

As far as apps go – the conpany will include 2 ZEISS Multimedia apps with the device, compatible with iOS and Android, allowing one to view movies, photos, and Google Street View in 3D, as well as "interact with Augmented Reality". We are curious to see if 3rd party developers would show interest in making apps for the headset, as otherwise the device will just fail to attract customers, despite the competitive pricing.

source: ZEISS via IntoMobile

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