Leaked images reveal big redesign ideas for Google+ app in the works

It looks like Google+ for Android is on the way to getting a major facelift in the future. Yoel Kaseb shares some images of what he said is an early build of a redesigned Google+ app for Android.

The build is unstable according to Kaseb, but if accurate, it shows an interesting design direction for Google+ as an app, and it could also point to design ideas that Google has in mind for the entire Google user environment as a whole.

The action bar at the top is color matched with the button to post an update. This design language is consistent with the leaked Gmail and Google Calendar images we saw earlier this month. The overall appearance is “flatter” but layered. Certain items float above the screen, but are comprised of the new flat motif that is in style right now.

To his credit, Yoel is verified on Google+, and the design cues are not outrageous, so while we cannot 100% confirm these images are real, we are comfortable with the source given the previous news we have seen over the past couple of weeks.  Based on that, Google+ has a reddish-orange color scheme, Gmail looks blue, and Google Calendar is lavender. Maybe these colors will be user customizable.

sources: +Yoel Kaseb (Google+) via Android Police



2. Elfmonster unregistered

Who is choosing these puke hues of red and gray? There are far better hues in the universe. Sometimes, I think Google needs more female sensibilities. As Steve Wynn says, design for women, and men will follow.

1. garyII

Posts: 160; Member since: Feb 26, 2014

nice, just that i didnt really like the place they put the pencil round icon which allow us to share status, cause for those who doesn't share status a lot, it is an annoy for the whole 'news feed reading' thing...just my opinion...

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