Leaked Videos reveal HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Hub?

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Leaked Videos reveal HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Hub?
The temperature outside is getting cooler. The NFL has kicked off another season and Miami awaits its first NBA season with Wade, Bosh and James. It must be getting closer to the holiday shopping season which kicks off on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. And that should mean that we are getting closer to the introduction and launch of phones using the new Windows Phone 7 OS.

A couple of interesting videos have been discovered including one that apparently shows HTC's Sense on top of Windows Phone 7. The video, marked confidential, certainly shows a lot of promise. The second video shows an HTC device, the Hub, also running Sense over Microsoft's new OS. So what is the verdict? Will Windows Phone 7 be able to cool off Android this coming holiday season?

source: Engadget, PocketPT



1. WOW unregistered

if i was to get a windows 7 phone this would def! be it wow thats really cool!

2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

i thought windows7 wasnt going to allow custom overlays? irregardless, that was some pretty GUI enhancements. Guess Gates was finally serious about playing in the big leagues. GREAT. i love competition! :)

3. fkjlf unregistered

lol..fancy bells n whistles..I bet it CANT handle intensive tasks n such compared to android..in fact it was in a test between this phone..N1 and iphone4..it always got last place!..lmao

4. 2 lazy 2 login unregistered

hahaha.... you are sooooooo smart! Those devices that have been out for months best a pre release device that hadn't even hit production and could be a test device that never hits the market. I forgot how awesome you are and how you can see the future.

6. me too unregistered

yea no what a dumbass comment hey...

5. ilia1986 unregistered

I didn't know that HTC Sense now so influenced by Minority Report style effects. Seriously people - this is very very cool - but ultimately does not expand or enhance the functionality of the phone in any visible way. Actually on the contrary - you gotta wait for all those effects to finish up until you can actually do what you wanted to do. Pretty but useless.

7. NightFox50

Posts: 18; Member since: Jul 18, 2008

still though you have to at least give it up for microsoft. In terms of smartphones there were only Windows based phones, BB, and Palm at 1st. If i'm not mistaken Windows flopped their entire cell phone market by providing the same crappy OS for years. Even though new updates came out it was still sluggish and basically useless due to everything freezing up. Thus as soon as iphone came out, and not a surprise to anyone, everyone flocked to apple. I wonder why? I worked as a VZW rep and encountered thousands of unhappy customers with a WinMo phone. i can also imagine that there were thousands of others unhappy customers no matter who their carrier was. So in short Microsoft failed to capture the market at the time they had a hold on the cell phone industry (in terms of smartphone). And seriously wtf were they doing? If they spent no time focusing on WinMo, where is the next gen windows OS or anything of the sort?? Sadly we've all been played for fools. As Bill sat back and enjoyed all his royalties, he also bought stock from Apple and Steve jobs vise versa. You may not agree with me, but its quite obvious that Bill is profiting from Apples gain. They set it up that way on purpose, now everyone looks to Apple to set the bar for the phone industry, wether they are the best or not, it doesnt matter because the majority only cares about apple now. If you dont beleive me just ask yourself this question, what is the newest feture on the newest iphone? The simple answer is the front facing camera allowing you to make video calls. Hmm, now wait a minute thats been available for at least 3 years or more around the world. But since everyone is gonna rush to go get the new ipohone with this one feuture, they are able to control the industry better, cause now they know all the next gen phones MUST have that front facing camera. Still dont beleive me? hmm the so called new Ipad and Ipod touch which were so NEW just a few mnonths ago, are now completely obselete becasue now Apple is going to implement that same front facing camera on both devices, thus making the new windows phone CRAP because it is just cathcing up to the standards of the 1st iphone. Microsoft will never ever again have as much of the market as it once did.

8. NightFox50

Posts: 18; Member since: Jul 18, 2008

oh and BTW....Android RULES!!

9. vinsterdamus

Posts: 58; Member since: Feb 20, 2010

looks great and shows off the graphical capabilities of the os. i think that this shows that microsoft is back in the game. But at the same time this in't usefull and can only be used for showing of to people so please make a useful and good looking ui and we will talk again

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