Latest Sony Xperia Z1s leaked pictures also reveal possible pricing

Latest Sony Xperia Z1s leaked pictures also reveal possible pricing
A few days have gone by since we last showed you some leaked photos of the Sony Xperia Z1s. The device, which is expected to be the mini version of the Sony Xperia Z1, doesn't seem like a "mini" since it has all of the same specs as the full-sized Sony Xperia Z1 except for a smaller screen with lower resolution, and a lower capacity battery. But other than that, the Xperia Z1s is powered by the same quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and features the same beastly 20.7MP rear-facing snapper, as seen on the full-sized model.

The first picture shows off the dialer on the device, while the second picture shows the Sony Xperia Z1s next to a purple Sony Xperia Z1. According to this shot, the price of the Xperia Z1s is expected to be 3600 Yuan ($590 USD) and is expected to be released in Q1 of 2014. Picture 3 shows off the Sony Xperia Z1s as it measures up against the Sony Xperia Z1 again, this time in white. This photo boasts that the 4.3 inch screened mini version of the Z1 will have the Sony G lens on its rear snapper, just like the full-sized original, which carries a 5 inch screen. There is also some talk that the phone will be released under a different name than the Xperia Z1s.

Will Sony be setting a trend for next year with the Sony Xperia Z1s? Will manufacturers that have produced "mini" versions of their flagship models like Samsung and HTC, make their "byte-sized" spin-offs spec'd closer to the original versions? Stay tuned.

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source: XperiaGuide


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