Latest Google Trips update may turn the app into your favorite travel companion


The Google Trips application was launched more than seven months ago, but no one gave it any chance since it had to compete with the likes of TripIt and other similar travel apps.

It appears that Google doesn't want to let its app die so soon, which is why the newest Trips update brings lots of new features and improvements that significantly enhance user experience.

But first of all, here is a quick rundown of Google Trips' main features. Well, the app has been specially designed to automatically organize one's travel information and make it available offline.

Google Trips reads all relevant info from Gmail and organizes it for later use. However, the new update adds three new features that makes planning travels a much easier task.

The most important one is the fact that users will now be able to share in-depth information about their next travel with just one tap. Anyone you share this information with will receive an email with all the reservation details.

Next, the developers have added a unique feature that allows users to quickly update and add new details for flight, hotel, car, and restaurant reservations. Even of an email confirmation hasn't been received, you will still be able to make the changes by pressing the “+” button in the bottom right corner within the Reservations section.

The third new feature added by Google is the ability to organize all past and upcoming train and bus reservations, along with flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservation.

The new update should already be available for both Android and iOS platforms, so check Google Play or App Store for the latest version of Google Trips.

source: Google
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