LG responds to G5 metal/plastic debate

LG responds to G5 metal/plastic debate
Last week, an interesting issue popped up with the LG G5 right smack in the middle of it. The story involved YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who used a knife to scratch through the phone's supposedly aluminum back plate. Surprise, surprise, what came out was a relatively thick layer of what he and everyone else thought was plastic on top of the aluminum chassis.

We reached out to LG to hear what they have to say about this, and the company was quick to respond. Here's the official answer:

Well, it appears that what came off when JerryRigEverything knifed the G5's backplate wasn't really plastic, but a thick layer of primer, with paint applied on top of it. In addition to hiding the antenna lines, this coating gives the G5 a warmer, slightly softer feel, which doesn't necessarily replicate the authentic feel of bare metal we've come to know from other smartphones. What do you say, guys, are you satisfied with LG's explanation? After all, at least we now know there's really no plastic involved with the G5's body!

source: LG

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