LG G5 actually a plastic phone? Yes and no – better check out this video

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UPDATE: LG has responded with a detailed explanation of exactly what materials have gone into the LG G5's body. In short, what's on top of the metal isn't plastic, but a layer of primer and paint. Read more details here.

Right from the start, LG has been marketing the G5 as a smartphone with a 'sleek, metal uni-body' design. Back at its announcement event, however, when we first got hold of the G5, we thought it does feel somewhat... plastic to the touch. We asked, just to be sure, and LG reps confirmed for us that, yes, the body of the G5 is indeed metal. OK, we thought, maybe it's just some kind of new finish LG's using, you know, to get a better signal and all.

Well, guess what – it appears the truth has been lying somewhere in the middle, between metal and plastic, as a new scratch test by JerryRigEverything (see above) has revealed the true nature of the LG G5's body. In the video, Jerry uses his handy paper knife to cut into the G5's back plate, and surprise, surprise – what comes off first is actually a relatively thick layer of plastic. Cutting even deeper, a shiny aluminum layer finally appears, immediately beneath the plastic layer.
So, there you have it – the LG G5 is both metal and plastic! What you're touching is actually plastic with some metallic coating, which is why the phone doesn't feel as... well, metal as other metal phones, but looks like one. Meanwhile, you're still experiencing the structural benefits of the aluminum shell that's hiding underneath the plastic. To some, the fact their hands aren't directly touching the cold, hard metal will probably come off as a disappointment, although we aren't sure if this really is such a big deal. Still, maybe LG should have communicated the body properties of the G5 a bit more clearly and accurately, because when someone says "metal uni-body" these days, you really expect a metal body, not metal body covered in plastic.

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