LG outs a durable 5.3" display with the world's narrowest bezel


LG Display is no stranger to record holding - after all, it announced a 5.5" Quad HD panel way back in 2013, which we then thought might be just a proof of concept, but here we are, a year or so later, when QHD has become a household word, with the G3 is racking up the sales numbers. This time the record is not connected with mouthwatering resolutions and pixel densities, but rather something much more useful.

The mobile display section of LG just bragged that it has created the panel with the world's thinnest side bezel, at just 0.7mm, paving the way for some record screen-to-phone-size ratios. 

How did LG do that? Well, according to the press release, "LG Display’s Neo Edge technology uses an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and completely seal the total area and edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit. Because there is no plastic guide panel to attach the panel and backlight, the Neo Edge technology helps achieve minimal bezel width, while blocking light leakage and being waterproof and dustproof."

Not only that, but the 5.3" 1080p display sports the new in-cell touch tech of LG, called "Advanced In-cell Touch," which allows for even thinner panels, since the touch layer is integrated in the screen itself, while retaining the screen's usual touch sensitivity. Long story short, we can't wait for this screen to make it into a production device, and see if LG or another maker can beat Sharp's record EDGEST screen-to-phone size designs. Here's to hoping, as the minimum-bezel screen will be shipping to customers next month, says LG.

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