LG says the hard times with in-cell touchscreen production are behind it, Tim Cook nods approvingly

LG says the hard times it had with in-cell touchscreen production are behind it, Tim Cook nods
Apple's next iPhone is widely rumored to sport an in-cell touchscreen technology that fuses the touch layer into the glass, making the screen thinner and improving backlight throughput for increased brightness.

Cupertino was said to have troubles with the production yields of those screens, which are pretty hard to manufacture, that's why it was willing to go as far as sponsor the display makers to make it up for their increased costs of production, and still LG has issues reaching the desired yield, whereas Sharp, the other rumored supplier, was allegedly sent back to the drawing board by Apple.

Now LG display's CEO confirmed in a statement for reporters that all is well in integrated touch layer land, and LG has been mass-producing such screens with vengeance since the beginning of August: "We had some hard times (in developing the new in-cell technology) at first...but it seems those hard times have finally ended. The in-cell technology is the industry's latest development. (But) we will be able to supply the panels without any fail."

That's good to know, and it seems that Japan Display Co. - a government-backed joint venture of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi - has been the good student here when it comes to implementing the new display technology. Samsung's Super AMOLED screen technology already uses the same approach, allowing for the incredible thinness of devices such as the Galaxy S III biggie.

source: WSJ

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