LG is still committed to make WP7 devices despite Microsoft's new partnership with Nokia

LG is still committed to make WP7 devices despite Microsoft's new partnership with Nokia
For all those other manufacturers who are on board with Windows Phone 7, they’re probably questioning Microsoft’s intentions after they announced a strategic partnership with Nokia.

For starters, LG expressed their commitment in manufacturing devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, but now that the recent Microsoft & Nokia partnership is official, it’s going to be interesting to see what their stance will be like with the platform. Specifically, the Finnish giant might have a leg up since the partnership basically enables them to “differentiate within the Windows Phone ecosystem.”

As we all know, Microsoft told manufacturers that the platform would have a unified experience – thus removing any elements of customized user interfaces. However, LG’s director of global communications, Ken Hong said about the deal, “One of the exciting things about this industry is that it never stands still. LG values its business relationship with Microsoft and will continue to support the Windows Phone platform as a key component of our strategy to offer a wide range of smart devices that meet the diverse needs of consumers.”

Despite the recent things that have transpired today between Microsoft and Nokia, it appears that the Korean maker will continue to move forward and expand its Windows Phone 7 portfolio. Still, it really makes you wonder whether or not they’re ticked about the whole thing.

source: Pocket-lint



1. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

The OS is a major player in the smpartphone world, why would a manufacturer leave them? If LG can make a top of the line Windows Phone, then people will buy, the OS is doing well and is only getting better.

2. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

LG and Nokia will be dead like Sambian my HTC HD2 Windows 6.5 cannot be upgrade to Windows 7. What is wrong with Microsoft? When my contract is over I will never Windows phone again in my life. Android and iPhone being able to upgrade software all the time on the older phones but Windows is suck.

4. psn1819

Posts: 42; Member since: Jun 06, 2010

There is development for and fully functioning Windows phone 7 build for the htc hd2..check out this site: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=977

7. modernkoro

Posts: 25; Member since: Jan 27, 2010

don't be stupid, man. WinMo 6.5 can't really be upgraded and it's not fault of ms.

8. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

I actually do think that it CAN be upgraded. The coding will work, however there would be no use since the hardware specs would probably make WP7 just as advanced as a WM6.5. WinMo was a great OS, it is just that MS did not require hardware manufacturers to meet certain hardware specs. Juice up my phone with a 1GHz processor and double the memory, and my WinMo 6.5 would go head to head with any phone. WP7 is just branching out to try to FIX THE IMAGE. But the coding would work for an upgrade (and it has been done).

9. witiwis unregistered

Not true. The earlier versions of iphones cannot be upgraded to the latest version of ios. Android too cannot be upgraded on the earliest devices and when upgraded wouldnt perform to the fullest. And i agree with you on the other points. Nokia should have gone with Android and not that sorry excuse for a modern OS. And all Nokia phones being under-equipped (underpowered processors, underpowered batteries, insufficient RAM) it will be a task to get windows phone 7 to work properly on any or for nokia to build a phone with more than 1 ghz and the required RAM.

12. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

I was not talking about iOS or Android.

3. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

Windows is suck...? I love my Windows Mobile 6.5 OS... And I highly doubt LG is dying anytime soon. Someone needs a hug.

5. ps1001

Posts: 65; Member since: Dec 14, 2010

optimus e900 is marvelous phone... wp7 is a bit on the tard side- but time will tell what will happen with the OS- itself... As for nokia, the wp7 adopting doesnt mean leaving other platforms..(or does it)!! Again time has all the answers, and master joda...

6. belovedson

Posts: 1060; Member since: Nov 30, 2010

This is a good thing for consumers. More competition should bring better products for the money

10. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

When you look at the tag line of Windows 7- "..it's time for a phone to save us from our phones", I think it is the more casual smart phone consumer they are after. Most of those on the phone arena site and sites like it are NOT casual users- these are the premium smart phone consumers. I do not think Windows is in a position to compete for these dollars yet. Droid, iPhone, and (if and only if you are a business user) Blackberry users are not looking at this OS as an option. If Windows (and possibly WebOS through HP) can get a foot in the door to those who are interested in mid range and entry level smart phones, they will be fine. The long term goal is to get a voice in the smart phone market, which is growing large enough to support several different operating systems if you find a market. LG is looking at the lower end market more then HTC, Samsung and Motorola are, as these three are after the higher end consumers and MUST stick with Android, which is firmly established as the "it" OS. LG is smart to try and hedge bets with both Droid and Windows.

11. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

From a tag line you draw all these conclusions? It is a capable OS, and can go head to head with any smartphone. People love to make iOS and Android look like gods. In reality the capabilities are pretty much equal between all OSs. Some may be faster, some may have nicer cameras, some may be better with media, some may have keyboards, some may be touchscreen.... IN THE END SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY IS CONVERGING. A few years back, the gap was wider, but at this point in time most OSs are neck and neck. It's just a matter of preference.

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