LG VX8350 in Verizon stores now

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LG VX8350 in Verizon stores now
Last week we told you that Verizon was in the process of selling-off their VX8300 inventory because the new VX8350 was on its way in.

It now appears that some stores have got the VX8350 in stock, as these spy photos show, but stores are being told not to display the phone until the older model is sold out. Maybe if you ask a sales rep nicely, they will sell you one, since there is no announced date as to when it will be put on display. The VX8350 features an internal antenna, MicroSD card support up to 4GB, newer themes, and dual 262K Color Displays.

The Interactive Manual Can be viewed on the Testman Site. The phone also appears there.

As it was known earlier, pricing of the new VX8350 is:
  • $129 - $50 Rebate = $79 with 2 Year Contract
  • $179 - $50 Rebate = $129 with 2 Year Contract
  • $249 Full Retail (no contract or rebate)

source: Omie



1. Ed unregistered

This phone doesn't appear to be on the phone list online. Do they usually show this available to be sold online at the same time they are available at stores?

2. Raaa unregistered

They usually have it available online before the phones are available in stores. i.e. the razr 2 v9m

3. sinfulta unregistered

I work at at a Verizon Corp location in the San Francisco Bay area and they had no release date at first. Then all of a sudden is was available now under our pricing guide. Our store has sold at least 20 by now of the 60 we got. And it's the same price as the 8300 currently. Go get yours, there's no restrictions.

4. unregistered

It's not in the stores yet......

5. Ed unregistered

I went to a store to look at this. I had to ask to see the phone. It wasn't on display yet, as they said that they got it in on Monday. I still don't see it on their website, although I do see it on their "beta" website" testman.verizonwireless.com

6. dvmartin unregistered

don't buy this phone if you want to sync your contacts and calendar. the software is not available yet. also, although less important, the phone does not have a flash or radio.

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