LG VX8350 for Verizon

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LG VX8350 for Verizon
The LG VX8300 has been one of the best selling phones for Verizon Wireless.However, in recent months, with hot new models such as the Chocolate and enV being released, the VX8300 is no longer as popular as it once was. Now, Verizon is hoping to change that with the introduction of the updated VX8350 beginning in September.

The VX8350 will now feature an internal antenna, MicroSD support up to 4GB, and the OLED External Display has been replaced with a 262K Color TFT. The body of the phone is also more rounded and stylish that the original. Most other features remain the same, such as a 1.3MP camera, 176x220 Pixel 262K Color Internal Display, MP3 Playback with front controls, and Stereo Bluetooth.

The VX8350 does not have a release date, but is going to be shipped to stores as their current VX8300 stock is deplinished over the next few weeks.

Pricing of the new VX8350 is:
  • $129 - $50 Rebate = $79 with 2 Year Contract
  • $179 - $50 Rebate = $129 with 2 Year Contract
  • $249 Full Retail (no contract or rebate)

The Interactive Manual Can be viewed here.

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1. Tyrell unregistered

The 8300 was a GREAT phone for Verizon! I really hope LG didn't make any major changes, and just gave us an 8300 in a sleeker package! Don't mess up a good thing, LG!

2. Lee unregistered

What happened to the external speaker, one of the best features of the 8300? Also the flash feature for the camera, You already screwed up this phone!

3. Janice unregistered

The worst part of the 8300 were the darn side buttons.. Always activating when stored in a pocket or purse.. Now you have more buttons on the front??? Get real

4. dvm unregistered

the 8350 still has external stereo speakers and the external buttons will not activate without the phone open.

5. Greg unregistered

The LG 8300 also has 3 buttons on the front. I see nothing extra with this new one compared to the previous. Hope its a good one.

6. Steve unregistered

YEa,how in the world do they forget to put a flash feature? What ive always liked about the 8100,were the multi-colored lights. Also,does anyone know if you can view the txt messages on the front display without opening the phone?

7. LM Holder unregistered

Something not everyone cares about but this is the least expensive upgrade phone on Verizons list with the M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility. Family member is very hard of hearing and the addition of the T rating is very important. We will be checking this out soon.

8. cj unregistered

yes, to answer your question, you can view text messages on the external screen.

9. Ernest unregistered

Can you view successive txt messages onthe expternal screen? It seems to let you view only the last one if you have 2 or more

10. Rob unregistered

I just got this phone and I love it. I never had an 8300 so i can't say what improvements have been made but I really love it. I just haven't figured out how to get the buttons on the front to work. Supposedly you can leave the phone closed and use the fron buttons like an mp3 player but I haven't figured it out yet.

11. Tom unregistered

To use the buttons on the front, just hold the play button down for a few seconds to activate the VCast MP3 playback feature

12. unregistered

How many text can the 8350 hold? I get really sick of having to empty my inbox every week or so.

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