LG V30 users get opportunity to preview Android Oreo, but only in South Korea

LG V30 users can now request the Android 8 (Oreo) preview for their smartphone. There is a major caveat though, one which many of our readers won't be happy about. The preview is only being offered to South Korean owners of the device, and applying for the preview is done through the unit's 'Quick Help' app. After opening the app, the phone's user clicks on 'LG OS Preview.'

After requesting the preview, the user will receive a notification sometime this month, and the phone will be upgraded OTA. Once the preview is installed, it will include new features coming with the Android 8 build such as the eagerly awaited Picture-in-Picture mode. This allows users to watch video, even while doing other things in the background

LG and Google partnered on a similar arrangement last year when 2,000 LG G5 owners in South Korea  were able to get an early preview of Android 7.0 Nougat. This year, there is no limit on how many can sign up for the Oreo preview. And unlike last year when only LG U+ subscribers were allow to apply for the preview, this year customers of all major South Korean wireless operators can request it.

source: LG (translated)


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