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LG V30 UX video shows your favorite features

Posted: , by Alan F.

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The talk around the water cooler on Friday remained the LG V30. If taking pictures and video is your thing, the LG V30 should be at the top of your short list when it comes to deciding which new phone to buy. And on Friday, LG Mobile released a video titled LG V30: UX Video. The video shows the user experience of the phone including the always on display. Revised for the P-OLED screen that the LG V30 sports, the always on display can be customized for the user's needs.

The always on display shows quick tools, notifications, battery settings, and controls for the music player. And while there is no second display on the LG V30 like there was on the LG V20, a floating bar allows LG V30 users to have the same capabilities as though the phone did carry a second display. The floater will give you access to drawing tools, app shortcuts, a music player and the ability to answer an incoming call. Quick contacts allows you to find a phone number on the run.

Hey, did you know that the LG V30 is a media powerhouse? If you're a PhoneArena reader, you know that we have already said this about the device a number of times. And with Point Zoom, you can use a slider tool to slowly zoom in to any point on a picture. And Cine Effects gives you plenty of filters to use that bring a certain dramatic feeling to a video or photograph. With Graphy, LG V30 users can take pictures using a manual mode just like a professional photographer does. And the LG V30 UX will help the phone's user edit video on the fly. Two videos can simply be combined into one new and improved clip.

The LG V30 is going to make you a better photographer and the hardware is obviously one reason why. This is the first smartphone to feature a camera with an f/1.6 aperture, allowing a large amount of light to enter the lens. Low-light settings shouldn't scare you if you own the LG V30.

You can check out the phone's UX by watching the video at the top of the this story.

source: LGMobile

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posted on 02 Sep 2017, 02:58 9

1. Well-Manicured-Man (Posts: 448; Member since: 16 Jun 2015)

I like this phone. It looks like LG has put some thought into this product.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 04:30 1

2. foreverNOOB (Posts: 92; Member since: 07 Jul 2017)

Waiting patiently to pre-order it... hope that it won't be too long.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 07:00

3. limona (Posts: 43; Member since: 19 May 2017)

I like the design and the UX but wish it would had FM Radio and IR blaster. I really can't understand why they are removing those features.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 08:36 1

5. amasog (Posts: 465; Member since: 22 Aug 2013)

Maybe they save millions of dollars by not enabling fm radio & ir blaster.

Another reason for me to stick with my beloved lg g3 - with removable battery, ir blaster, fm radio, no gimmicky extra camera, 16:9 screen.

How i wish my g3 has Always On display.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 08:59

6. Settings (Posts: 2411; Member since: 02 Jul 2014)

I had the G3, it was good on it's time.
The best what I liked about LG is it's launcher (no app drawer) and the customizable nav bars. Not just like Samsung's which you can change only two colors and the order.

posted on 04 Sep 2017, 03:32

9. limona (Posts: 43; Member since: 19 May 2017)

I also own LG g3. I have a lot of problems (like overheating, usb connector issue, inaccurate gps) but I love it (I don't know why). It's time to switch to new phone and I am thinking to give LG another chance.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 11:28

8. DFranch (Posts: 263; Member since: 20 Apr 2012)

I assume a majority of users are not using these features (I personally never wished for either feature). Plus, since google sells a monthly music service, they probably see FM radio as costing them money.

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 08:01

4. Furkan (Posts: 142; Member since: 25 Feb 2017)

Wow wo

posted on 02 Sep 2017, 09:45

7. jessy90 (Posts: 159; Member since: 01 Aug 2016)

All i can say is wooow LG.

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