LG LS980 may be the LG Optimus G2, headed to Sprint

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There's a new high-end smartphone coming to town, and Sprint appears to be its ultimate destination. The handset, first discovered in the Bluetooth SIG database and then spotted on the carrier's web page itself (albeit only confirmed by a system file), is known as the LG LS980. How do we know it's a Sprint smartphone? Well, the carrier's Android phones by LG have always had model names beginning with an "LS" prefix, followed by a 3-digit number. The LG Optimus S, for example, which is now discontinued, was also called the LS670, while the LG Optimus G is also known as the LS970.

But let's focus back on the LS980. This LG smartphone comes with top-of-the-line hardware tucked under its hood, including an MSM8974 SoC by Qualcomm (a.k.a Snapdragon 800) 2GB of RAM, and a 1080p screen of unknown size. Interestingly, no microSD card slot is available on the device, but the 32 gigs that are on board make up for its lack of storage expansion. The LG LS980 is also expected to have a 13MP main shooter and a 1.3MP front-facing camera. Last but not least, Android 4.2.2 is running on the smartphone. 

Overall, these are droolworthy specs indeed! The coolest hardware feature of the LG LS980 is its Snapdragon 800 chip, which is most likely the fastest smartphone SoC to date. But who knows, the phone could have a lot more to impress us with. A super-thin body might be in play as well, meaning that the device could stand out not only with its performance, but also with its design.

Note that the specs listed above may not be accurate even though they have been pulled from a RDF file located on Sprint's servers. Yet if they are, then we may be dealing with the rumored LG Optimus G2, which might look a lot like this. If the LG LS980 for Sprint is ever meant to be released, then it should come later in Q3 of 2013 , soon after Snapdragon 800 chips go into mass production.

UPDATE: There's a chance of the LG LS980 being a version of the LG Optimus G Pro meant to run on Sprint's network. The assumption is based on the similarities between model names, with the G Pro for AT&T known as model E980. Hopefully, further leaks, or better yet, an official announcement, will make things clearer.

source: Bluetooth SIG, Sprint (Resource Description Framework File) via Android Police

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